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About Donations


Why make a donation?

The reason we ask for donations is to help our Bishop carry out his evangelising mission in the diocese.

The Bishop is the pastor, responsible for the entire diocese. He cannot do everything single-handedly; he needs a team, which necessitates funding.

The Bishop's responsibilities include:


  • Ministering to the spiritual needs of all people in the diocese;
  • Ensuring that priests are available to celebrate Mass and administer the sacraments;
  • Ensuring the presence of pastoral agents to transmit the Faith to the children and to prepare them to receive the sacraments as well as accompanying adults who would like to be baptized, confirmed or married;
  • Providing a Church presence among the poor and those who are suffering or in distress;
  • Supporting the parishes in their evangelising mission;
  • Being present in the parishes on the occasion of Confirmation, and for pastoral visits, anniversaries, and other events.

These are all very good reasons to give to the Bishop's initiatives!


Annual Fundraising Campaign

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Does the prospect of renewing your investments cause you financial worry, as you consider interest rates presently offered by financial institutions?

The CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY is a practical way to help your Church, while increasing your after-tax income. It involves a specified capital sum which is irrevocably given to the Diocese of Valleyfield to help carry out its various initiatives, and in return you receive fixed annuity payments for as long as you live.

The following is an example of a 79-year-old woman who has a $10,000 capital, and whose income is taxed at 40%.


Certificate of Deposit Charitable Gift Annuity

-Initial Capital $10 000 $10 000

-Rate of interest paid 2% 8.5%

-Before-tax Income $200 $850 (lifetime)

-Portion of taxable income $200 $26.16

-Taxes payable (assumed rate 40%) $80 $10.46

-After-tax income $120 $839.54

-Tax receipt in the year of donation 0 $2 503

-Tax credit attributable to the gift 0 $1 292

In the year of donation, taxes would be reduced by approximately $1,292 after a tax receipt has been issued for $2,503.

After-tax income would be approximately $839 per year throughout your lifetime, $710 more than from a conventional Certificate of Deposit.

Since the calculation varies for each person, these results may change depending on individual circumstances.

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact Mr. Gilles Lavigne, Bursar, at the Diocesan Centre in Valleyfield at 450-373-8122, Local 219 or by e‑mail at «econome@diocesevalleyfield.org».


[Charity Donation Form]